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Frequently asked questions

Simple - lunch money in your phone

Fast - payments through NFC

Secure - no card details are saved

"Edenred was a part of the launch of Apple Pay in for example France and Italy as well. It's good that the time now has come for Sweden since the public demand for mobile payments is increasing among our 120 000 users"

Stephane Dufour

General Manager, Edenred Sweden AB

”In particular, we feel it is important to give our users the opportunity, not only to more favorable lunches, but also to the latest technology. We are sure that Apple Pay will be an appreciated feature of our user’s lunch life.”

Johan Ehrén

Marketing Director, Edenred Sweden AB


Now it will be easier to pay for your lunch!

Apple Pay is now launched in Sweden. That means that your lunch money now is available in your iPhone or Apple Watch and that it will be both easier and faster to pay for your lunch. Read more about compatible devices and how to get started.

Apple Pay

Frequently asked questions

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay allows you to use your iPhone, your Apple Watch or your iPad as a payment instrument to pay your lunch according the same rules as your Ticket Rikskuponger card.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

The network is the same as for the Ticket Rikskuponger card. You can use Apple Pay at all the restaurants and merchants affiliated to Ticket Rikskuponger and equipped with a contactless terminal reader (NFC : Near Field Communication).

Do I need to have a Internet connection (wifi or 4G) to do a payment?

No you do not need to be connected to do a transaction with Apple Pay.

How can I register my Ticket Rikskuponger card in Apple Pay with my iPhone?

Open the Wallet app and follow the instructions for adding a new card. When asked how to verify, select to receive an email and we will send you a verification code to the same address you have registered for your Rikskuponger card.

Should you have any questions. Please call customer service at 08-681 81 00 or email kundservice@ticketrikskuponger.se.

Are the payments secure?

Yes. The card details are never stored in your Apple device and when you are doing a payment, they are never transmitted to the merchants. For that, Apple Pay is assigned a unique token for every transaction to keep your payments safe, secure and confidential.

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